The Song Remembers When: Justin Moore – “Til My Last Day”

We take you behind the scenes and explore the making of one of our favorite tunes with The Song Remembers When…

In March 2012, Justin Moore released “Til My Last Day” as the third and final single of his 2011 album Outlaws Like Me. He wrote it with his producer Jeremy Stover and songwriter Brian Dean Maher. Now, Justin’s wife, Kate, suggested that he release it to radio. She had picked out two of his previous number one hits – “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Way” and “Small Town USA” – so Justin felt that she had a pretty good track record for picking singles.

To Justin, “Til My Last Day,” was a love letter to his wife. He shares that he may not have always been the best boyfriend or husband to Kate and he wanted to write a song that addressed that. She loved this song so much that she got Justin a new wedding ring with the lyrics “I can love you best” engraved on the inside of the band.

In January 2013, after 44 weeks of climbing the chart, “Til My Last Day” became Justin’s third number one hit.

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