The Song Remembers When: Old Dominion – “Make It Sweet”

We take you behind the scenes and explore the making of one of our favorite tunes with The Song Remembers When…

In 2018, Old Dominion started work on their third studio album. One of the first songs they wrote was “Make It Sweet,” a song that would become the lead single and eventually a number one hit.

Matthew Ramsey said that the whole band was in the studio when they started writing the lyrics and humming the melody. They brought in their collaborator and producer Shane McAnally, and they had the song written and recorded within the same day. In fact, the version heard on radio was only the second time they sang it.

The guys love the positive message of “life is short, make it sweet.” The idea is that no matter what your situation, if you have love, count yourself among the lucky ones.

The song was released in October 2018, and by May of the following year, the group celebrated their sixth number one!

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