Hero of the Week: Tom Littledyke

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Tom Littledyke, from Lyme Regis, England, is a 31-year-old former Royal Marine, and after watching the news coverage, he was inspired to help the people of Ukraine.

Tom set up a fundraiser and within just 12 hours he had enough sleeping bags, pillows, and other supplies to fill up his 16-seater minibus – over 5,300 dollars in donations! He is driving the one thousand miles to personally deliver the items to Poland.

Once he arrives at the border, Tom plans to hand out everything and offer rides to anyone who has a place to stay. He says that maybe his gesture isn’t as grand as others, but sometimes doing something in the right direction is all that matters.

Learn more about this story as covered by the BBC.


Kix’s Response:

Good work, Tom! We’re happy to recognize you as this week’s ACC Hero.

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