Hero of the Week: Ruby

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In Rhode Island, a dog named Ruby, a shepherd mix, had been returned to the animal shelter several times. She was cited as having a “hard to manage and bad behavior” personality, but shelter volunteer Patricia Inman refused to give up on the dog. She worked with Ruby to make sure that she could find the dog a forever home and that’s where State Trooper Dan O’Neil came in.

Officer Dan was looking for a dog he could train to join the force’s K9 Unit. With Dan and Patricia’s help, Ruby began to thrive! She passed the training classes with flying colors and joined the Rhode Island K9 Unit with Dan.

One day, five years later, they received a call about a boy who had been missing for 36 hours. After hours of searching, Dan and Ruby found the boy. Dan was surprised to find out that the boy’s mother was Patricia Inman, the woman who trained Ruby all those years ago. When the dog saw her, she instantly jumped up on Patricia as if to say, “I remember you.” Dan was certain this was all meant to be, and it was Ruby’s way of thanking the caring shelter volunteer for saving her life.

By the way, this story is now a movie on Netflix called Rescued By Ruby.

Learn more about this story as covered by People.


Kix’s Response:

Wow! How ‘bout that?! We’d like to give Hero of the Week honors to Ruby, the K-9 hero who is doing great work up there in Rhode Island.

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