Hero of the Week: Philip Bradford

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Philip Bradford, from Miami, Florida, has been very emotionally invested in the lives of the refugees who are fleeing Ukraine. His mother was Croatian, and his wife’s stepmother was Ukrainian. Both have passed away but to honor their memory, he headed to a Ukrainian Orthodox Church near his home and donated money. He left his information and said if there was anything else he could do, just let him know.

Shortly after, the church called Philip. Iryna Timoshenko, a Ukrainian mother and her three children had made their way to the United States. Her husband, like many of the men, had been asked to remain in Ukraine to take up arms and defend his country. Iryna had visited that Ukrainian church in the past, so she made her way there with her children in hopes they could help her and her family. The church connected her with Philip.

Philip’s wife lives in a nursing home, so he had a big empty house all to himself. He opened his home to Iryna and her children. Not too long after, her husband was able to leave Ukraine and travel to Miami. Now, the whole family is living at Philip’s home.

Philip said that he feels like he has grandkids and he’s enjoying his time with the family. Philip even paid for all of them to spend time at Disney World! With all the drama and sadness going on, he wanted to make sure the kids had some fun in their lives.

Learn more about this story as covered by CNN.

Kix’s Response:

We are happy to recognize Philip Bradford as our ACC Hero!

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