The Song Remembers When: Russell Dickerson – “Love You Like I Used To”

We take you behind the scenes and explore the making of one of our favorite tunes with The Song Remembers When…

You’ve heard the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” – that applies to Russell Dickerson and songwriters Casey Brown and Parker Welling. This creative team wrote four consecutive number one hits together! It started with Russell’s debut single “Yours” and ran through his most recent chart-topper “Love You Like I Used To.” In fact, Russell says that “Love You Like I Used To” is a spiritual successor to “Yours.”

The guys wrote the song in January 2018 and then revisited the tune in the fall of that year to give it a little more of a twist. The first verse sounds like a breakup song, but the chorus reveals it’s an ever-evolving love story.

Russell released it in March 2020, as the lead single from his sophomore album, and, by November, the song topped the chart for two weeks.

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