The Song Remembers When: Jordan Davis Featuring Luke Bryan – “Buy Dirt”

We take you behind the scenes and explore the making of one of our favorite tunes with The Song Remembers When…

In January, Jordan Davis and Luke Bryan spent two weeks on top of the chart with “Buy Dirt.” The song was written the year prior, in 2021. Jordan and his brother Jacob joined Matt Jenkins and his brother Josh at a rented cabin just south of Nashville for a songwriting session.

Matt had heard this idea somewhere that they were not making any more dirt, so buy what you can. With that idea in mind, they began writing and felt that they were onto something special.

The song talks about “faith, family, friends, and really finding your happiness.” Jordan didn’t want the story to come from the singer’s perspective, telling people, “This is what you should do.” So, they came up with an older gentleman, who was sitting in a rocking chair a few days before he turned 80, to share the wisdom with the young man. It took the writers about 30 minutes to have a verse and chorus down. Jordan says that it’s one of the fastest songs he’d ever written.

Jordan texted the demo to his friend Luke Bryan and asked if he’d sing on the song with him. A week later, Luke wrote back with a big ol’ yes! Little did they know, the collaboration would go on to be a number one hit and nominated for three ACM Awards in the categories of Single, Song, and Music Event of the Year.

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