Hero of the Week: Jessica Ellis

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This week, Kix shares a personal story about a special hero that he met:

In 2006, I traveled to Iraq to perform for our troops who were engaged in the Iraq War. I met several impressive members of our military but one of my fondest memories was getting to meet a group of military nurses. One of them was a 24-years young corporal in the 101st Airborne’s medic division named Jessica Ellis.

Jessica and I became pen pals. She really helped me understand the struggles of our troops over there. She was responsible for following the convoys at a time when they were being attacked and hit by IED bombs. Jessica was there to help the troops survive some of the most horrific explosions. At the time, no medics had ever been lost to these attacks, but on May 11, 2008, the unthinkable happened. Jessica’s vehicle was hit, and she was the first medic killed in action. She was on her last tour and was looking forward to returning to her Oregon home with her whole life in front of her.

I have since met with her parents on numerous occasions and stayed in touch with the reality and importance of what our troops and their families sacrifice. If you ever see me in person, you’ll notice a small metal bracelet on my left wrist – that’s a KIA or “killed in action” bracelet that was given to me by Jessica’s father. I will always wear it – every day – so that I will never forget.

So, to all our fallen heroes, I’d like to say God bless to you and your families and take this time to thank you for your service and sacrifice for our freedoms.

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