Heroes of the Week: Gabriel and Richard Clarkie

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Twelve-year-old Gabriel Clarkie, of England, loves to make wooden bowls. His father, Richard, says he spends hours mastering his craft. One day, he posted a video of his son doing the woodwork on a new bowl to see if anyone was interested in buying some. At the time, Gabriel was trying to make enough money to buy a bicycle.

Well, Richard’s Instagram went from six followers to 227 thousand in just two days! Over 20 thousand requests came in for wooden bowls. So, they came up with an idea. Gabriel would sell just one bowl, and it would be given out in a lottery. To enter, you had to donate to Save The Children of Ukraine through the link on Gabriel’s page.

Celebrities like JK Rowling and Stephen Fry saw the post and shared it, causing “Gabriel’s Bowl” to go viral and raise 325 thousand dollars for the children of Ukraine.  And, yes, that one bowl went out to a lucky winner!

Learn more about this story as covered by The Good News Network.

Kix’s Response:

Gabriel and his father Richard, you guys are this week’s ACC Heroes… What a way to make a difference in the lives of so many children! I sure hope you got a bike out of all that, too, pal!

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