Heroes of the Week: The Community of Powderhorn Park

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There’s no denying times are tough for many people these days. And, when 70-year-old Linda Taylor, of Minneapolis, was told that the house she rented was going to be sold and she’d have to move, the retiree was understandably worried. Linda moved into the home 18 years ago and serves the community as a volunteer for the homeless and others in need.

When she mentioned to a neighbor that she would have to move, the community started to rally together to help one of the “bright stars” in their town. They held bake sales, art shows, and took donations just to raise the money Linda needed to buy the home.

Thankfully, they raised enough money and now the house is hers. Linda said, “I can’t believe all the good that has come my way.” She vows to continue doing all the work she can for the people in the community that have given her a place to live.

For more, check out this story as covered by FOX 9 in Minnesota.

Kix’s Response:

To the folks of Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis, well done! All of you guys are this week’s ACC Heroes!

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