Hero of the Week: William Dunn of Take a Kid Fishing

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You’re probably familiar with the old saying, “Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day…but if you teach him how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.” Well, that’s the message in this week’s Hero story.

William Dunn is the founder of a Clearwater, Florida, branch of the non-profit Take a Kid Fishing. He takes kids from foster homes or those who no longer have their father in their lives out on his Double Eagle fishing boat for day trips. He feeds them lunch, mentors them, teaches them life skills, and shows them that somebody cares for them.

It was a five-year-old neighbor who gave him the inspiration for the non-profit. William noticed that the child was very destructive and angry. When he found out that the boy’s dad was not in his life, he started taking the kid fishing on the weekends. That child is now grown up and a successful adult.

William said that he had some rough years himself. In 1993, he worked as a bouncer. He got shot, struck by lightning, bit by a rattlesnake, and divorced – that’s a tough year! But, he felt that God had a calling for him. That calling was the kids and watching the look of excitement on their faces as they caught their very first fish.

For William and his wife, it’s a blessing to watch these kids grow. This year, many of them graduated with honors from their foster homes.

Learn more about William and his non-profit Take a Kid Fishing in this story covered by Spectrum Bay News 9.

Kix’s Response:

William Dunn, you are our ACC Hero of the Week!

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