Heroes of the Week: Dr. Laura Stachel, Hal Aronson, and Christy Turlington Burns

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What does a supermodel and a doctor have in common? How about saving the world? The pair are helping provide solar energy to areas that need it. Supermodel Christy Turlington Burns and Dr. Laura Stachel have teamed up for We Care Solar. There are many parts of the world that operate in the dark. They literally have no electricity.

When Dr. Stachel traveled overseas to help mothers in poor countries, she realized the mortality rate of mothers giving birth was dropping. Nurses and doctors couldn’t see what they were doing because they didn’t have electricity, nor did they have the tools needed – ones that rely on electricity.

So, Dr. Stachel talked to her husband, Hal Aronson, a solar energy educator, to develop solar suitcases. These cases have the ability to charge from the sun and keep tools, lights, and other necessities working throughout the night.

Dr. Stachel and model Christy Turlington Burns teamed up to help make more of these solar suitcases and even personally delivered them to countries around the world.

Learn more about this story as covered by CNN.

Kix’s Response:

We’re happy to recognize Dr. Stachel and her husband, Hal Aronson, as well as model Christy Turlington Burns, for the work they’ve been doing… They are this week’s ACC Heroes. 

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