Hero of the Week: Nick Bostic

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Nick Bostic just happened to be driving through his neighborhood in Lafayette, Indiana, when he saw a two-story house on fire. The 25-year-old pulled over immediately and ran towards the house. Nick saw kids running down the stairs and they told him they couldn’t find their baby sister, six-year-old Kaylani.

Nick ran through the smoke-filled home and found her. The stairs had given out and the only option he had was to jump out the window of the second floor with Kaylani in his arms.

The children’s parents were on a date when their 18-year-old daughter called to tell them the house was on fire. They arrived to find all their children were fine, including Kaylani who had received treatment by the EMTs. Nick received minor injuries and suffered from smoke inhalation but is fine. The family said they are thankful everyone ended up okay, and they now consider Nick part of their family.

Learn more about this story as covered by Chicago’s ABC 7.

Kix’s Response:

Nick Bostic, of Indiana, for your heroism, we are happy to recognize you as this week’s ACC Hero.

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