Hero of the Week: Adrian Rodriquez

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A 17-year-old named Adrian Rodriquez found a handbag in a Chula Vista, California, grocery store parking lot.  He saw the woman’s address in the bag and decided to hand deliver it to her home. Not expecting anything in return, Adrian said that he was taught, by his mother, at a very young age to always do the right thing even when no one is looking.

The owner of the handbag wasn’t home, but Adrian gave it to the woman’s roommates. They were so blown away by what he did that they felt they discovered newfound hope. There were, in fact, people out there that would do the right thing!

The roommates decided to share the story and start a GoFundMe page for Adrian to raise a little reward money. The page had an overwhelming response, raising over 17 thousand dollars! Adrian was beside himself. He truly didn’t expect anything, he was just doing what he had been taught.

Learn more about this story as covered by the San Diego Union Tribune.

Kix’s Response:

The influence that parents have on their kids cannot be understated. I’m happy to recognize Adrian Rodriquez as an ACC Hero but want to include a special shout-out to his mother for raising him right!

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