Hero of the Week: Robert Quintana

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At PS 28, a Pre-K to third grade early childhood center in Queens, New York, an unarmed man described as “agitated and combative” burst in through the open front door, an hour before dismissal. The safety agent tried to stop him. But, the man fought with her as he tried to get upstairs to the floors where kids were still in classrooms.

That’s when Principal Robert Quintana, who practices the martial art of ju jitsu, showed up and quickly subdued the intruder. After Principal Quintana brought him to the ground, the safety agent handcuffed him. The principal said he was scared, but nobody was going to attack or hurt his family, referring to the students and staff.

The school was locked down until the police and an ambulance arrived and took the intruder to a city hospital for evaluation. But, it was the heroic actions of Principal Quintana, the school safety officer, and other staff members that prevented the situation from escalating.

That afternoon, Principal Quintana posted a letter to parents and guardians saying that the individual was apprehended and taken into custody and that no students or staff were harmed during this incident.

Learn more about this story as covered in the New York Post.

Kix’s Response:

Principal Robert Quintana of the Thomas Emanuel Early Childhood Center in Corona, New York – you are the ACC Hero of the Week!

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