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Many heroes came to the rescue of those down in Florida affected by Hurricane Ian. Lots of broadcasters put themselves in the middle of the storm for their reporting… and that’s exactly where a TV reporter from Orlando, Florida, was when he saw a woman in distress.

News reporter Tony Atkins was covering the storm when he saw a woman in her car with the waters rising towards her car windows. She was struggling to get out, so Tony walked carefully through the water, which was above his waist, and made his way to her car.

She handed him her purse and then she crawled out of the window and on to his back. He was able to walk the woman back to safety, putting her down when he got to ankle deep water.

Another story we saw featured an Australian broadcast team. During their broadcast, suddenly, the camera shot just crashes and goes upside down. Someone picks up the camera and shows the cameraman running through the water to grab a kid he saw fall in the rushing water.

Kix’s Response:

People helping people. There’s a lot of devastation and a lot of folks coming to the rescue. To that Australian cameraman and reporter Tony Atkins of Orlando, we’re happy to recognize you both as our ACC Heroes of the Week!

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone coping with the aftermath of this hurricane.

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