Hero of the Week: Megan Warfield

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Megan Warfield from Maryland was driving home when she was involved in a multi-car collision. At the time, the 30-year-old firefighter was nine months pregnant. Despite that, Megan jumped into action, running to aid the woman in the flipped vehicle in front of her. She immediately held onto the woman’s hand to help keep her calm, telling her to be still since she was unsure of her injuries. Meanwhile, Megan was dealing with cramping of her own and was concerned for her unborn baby.

When paramedics arrived, they helped the woman in the flipped vehicle while another ambulance took Megan to the nearest hospital to make sure she and her baby were okay. Well, it turns out that the accident had induced labor! Less than 24 hours later, Megan gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Charlotte.

Megan says she’s not sure how she did what she did, running to the aide of that woman, but she was pretty sure she was running on adrenaline. And, in another turn of events, Megan’s boyfriend was the first paramedic to arrive on the scene!

Learn more about this story as covered by NBC’s Today.

Kix’s Response:

Wow, you can’t make this stuff up, folks! Megan clearly has a calling to help others and put them first. I’m glad you do what you do, and we’re thankful that you and your baby are okay.

We’re happy to recognize Megan Warfield from Maryland as our ACC Hero!

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