Hero of the Week: Frankie Ferreira

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Frankie Ferreira, from Richmond, Virginia, plays football for the Bulldogs of the Chesterfield Quarterback League. The nine-year-old has a form of muscular dystrophy and by doing physical activities like playing football, he keeps his symptoms at bay.

Frankie knows that fighting this takes strength and money, so he started Team Fearless Frankie. Through that platform, he raised over 60 thousand dollars for researchers at the Children’s Hospital in Richmond, where he is a patient.

According to Frankie’s mom, Colleen, her son has a “servant’s heart.” Prior to his diagnosis, Frankie raised six thousand dollars for an animal shelter through a lemonade stand because he loves animals.

He hopes to lead by example and show other kids you must be strong and never give up hope.

Learn more about Frankie’s story as covered by Richmond TV affiliate CBS 6 News.

Kix’s Response:

Well, Frankie, you sound like an amazing athlete with a gift for giving back! It takes a kind person to do what you do, and we’re happy to recognize Fearless Frankie as our ACC Hero of the Week!

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