Hero of the Week: Carie Broecker

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Carie Broecker, of Pacific Grove, California, was fostering a dog that eventually was adopted by an elderly woman named Alice. When Alice developed emphysema, she reached out to Carie for help caring for the dog.

Alice’s biggest fear was passing away and leaving her dog without someone to take care of the pet. Carie assured her that she would take care of the dog and give her a great home. That’s when Carie came up with the idea for Peace of Mind Dog Rescue.

The non-profit, located in the central coast area of California, keep seniors and their dogs together as long as possible. They help elderly pet owners by going to their homes and walking their dogs for them and providing other services for the canines.

To date, the organization has helped over two thousand senior citizens and found homes for over three thousand dogs.  Carie says that there is no greater joy than helping seniors remain worry-free when it comes to the care of their four-legged companions.

Learn more about Carie’s story in this editorial from Newsweek.

Kix’s Response:

What a great idea, and it sounds like something that’s needed all over the country… We’re happy to recognize Carie Broecker as this week’s ACC Hero.

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