Hero of the Week: Andrew Pappas

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When 18-year-old Andrew Pappas, of Cornelius, North Carolina, had to complete his Eagle Scout Service Project, he wanted to do something to help alleviate food insecurity. Inspired by volunteering at a Catholic church’s food pantry with his family, he had an idea of bringing fresh fruits and vegetables to those who needed it most.

Andrew came up with a community refrigerator. The fridge would be accessible 24 hours a day, located right outside the Ada Jenkins Center in the Charlotte area. The center is a nonprofit that helps those in need become financially stable and they have an indoor food pantry. Andrew’s food refrigerator sits outside the center covered by a shed he built. There’s a shelf next to it that’s used for non-perishable items. Andrew said everyone deserves fresh fruits and veggies and they can come at any time – day or night – to get what they need.

Andrew’s project won him an Eagle Scout award, and he plans to continue volunteering to give back to his community.

Learn more about Andrew’s community refrigerator in this story as covered by Charlotte’s Spectrum News.

Kix’s Response:

We’re happy to recognize 18-year-old Andrew Pappas for being such a great role model to everyone who knows him. Andrew, you are our ACC Hero of the Week!

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