Hero of the Week: Danielle Gletow

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Danielle Gletow, from New Jersey, has been featured on some of the biggest news programs due to her work on behalf of children in foster care. She is the founder of One Simple Wish, a non-profit that raises funds to grant wishes for these kids.

Over 16 years ago, Danielle herself became a foster parent, and, at one point, she adopted one of her foster kids. She felt a pull to be “a mother to all of these kids.” For the past 15 years, One Simple Wish has raised over 15 million with those funs helping over a quarter-million kids and young adults.

Last month, Danielle partnered with Carvana and handed car keys to nine adults who were in the foster care system. These cars allow them to get to their jobs, continue their education, and just make life easier to navigate as they go through their daily lives. Danielle says that it’s a great feeling to be able to take one major expense off their plate, and, in the years ahead, she hopes to continue her mission of spreading love, hope, and joy to these kids and those adults who have gone through the foster care system.

Learn more about this story as covered by CBS News.

Kix’s Response:

We’re happy to recognize Danielle Gletow as this week’s ACC Hero!

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