Hero of the Week: Ed Hamilton-Trewhitt

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Across the pond, folks in England are facing an energy crisis. The cost of heating one’s home has been on the rise for some time, and many people are worried about how they’ll get through the winter.

Ed Hamilton-Trewhitt, a baker in a small English town of seventeen thousand, is trying to do his part to help his community by bringing back a tradition from long ago.  You see, thousands of years ago, a town would have one big oven where everyone went to bake their breads. Well, Ed has made his oven at the Brickyard Bakery available to all who want to bake. This way, they won’t have to use their own ovens for their holiday cakes, adding to their expenses. The baking of holiday cakes is a big tradition for many in his area.

Ed said that members of his community prepare their cakes and bring them to him on Fridays. Then, over the weekend, he bakes and decorates them for free so that they’ll be ready for pick up on Monday.

Learn more about Ed’s story as covered by the BBC.

Kix’s Response:

We’re happy to recognize England’s Ed Hamilton-Trewhitt as our ACC Hero… Merry Christmas to you, Ed!

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