Hero of the Week: Tyrique Glasgow

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Tyrique Glasgow, of South Philadelphia, was once a drug dealer who served time in a prison and during his life of crime sustained 11 gunshot wounds.

Tyrique realized the community looked to him as the guy who “ran” their block. He saw young kids looking up to him as the person to follow. It was then he stopped what he was doing and turned his life around for the better.

Now, Tyrique runs a community center out of a building that used to be known for drug dealing. The center gives kids a safe place to enjoy camps and summer activities away from the violence in their area. He also coaches a flag football team and a dance squad.

Tyrique runs Young Chances Foundation which creates safe programs for urban youth and low-income families.  And, he turned a vacant lot once used by dealers into a community vegetable garden. He also helps adults with addiction and helps with their GED classes.

Learn more about Tyrique’s story as covered by the CNN.

Kix’s Response:

Talk about turning your life around and then some! Inspiring those kids to do better and be better is a great example to set.

We’re happy to call Tyrique Glasgow our ACC Hero of the Week!

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