Hero of the Week: Jay Withey

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A major winter storm hit Buffalo, New York, over the holidays – and if you or your family were in it, we hope you’re all okay. During that storm, 27-year-old Jay Withey took action and saved a dozen lives.

Jay was on his way to help a friend when his truck got stuck. He had rescued two strangers who were nearby, and they all slept in his truck through the night. When Jay’s truck ran out of gas, he started walking around the neighborhood and found a school. So, he broke the window and got the people from his truck inside the school. Then, he went out looking for others that were stranded. Eventually, Jay brought about a dozen people to the school where they sheltered in a warm area and enjoyed food from the cafeteria until help came.

Jay wrote on a board in the school apologizing for breaking the building’s window but said that he had to do whatever he could to help people.

Learn more about this story as covered by Buffalo’s News 4.

Kix’s Response:

A lot of lives were lost due to that storm, and it sounds like without Jay Withey, there could have been even more tragedies. So, we are happy to recognize Jay as our ACC Hero of the Week!

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