Hero of the Week: Gary McKee

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If you’re looking for inspiration, this story will help you out… Gary McKee, a father of three from Cumbria, England, ran a marathon every day last year to help raise money for two organizations: Macmillan Cancer Support and the Cumbria Hospice at Home.

Gary set a goal to reach donate one million pounds (1.2 million in American dollars) to both organizations, and he did just that! He simply wanted to do his part to help because cancer affects everyone.

Before going to work every morning, Gary would do 26.2 miles. And, with 2022 ending, he officially logged 9,500 miles. To put that in perspective, that’s the equivalent of crisscrossing the United States, three times!

Learn more about Gary’s story as covered by the BBC.

Suzanne’s Response:

To Gary McKee of England, thanks for the inspiration! You are our ACC Hero of the Week!

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