Hero of the Week: Ryan Duke Anthe

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Ron sent in a beautiful tribute about his Hero. He writes:

Hi Kix,

My Hero was a young man that I was blessed to meet very early in his life and watch grow up.

This young man valued family, was appreciative of them, and was happy when they were happy. He would help his little brothers if they fell or assist them with a difficult challenge. He protected them.

When he met you, he was your friend immediately. It was cool how he didn’t care what race you were, what neighborhood you lived in, what you drove, or what you wore.

I remember when he found out he was going to be a father. He was so excited and proud! From the day his daughter was born, she was and would be his life and number one priority. He loved her very much and was calm, gentle, and protective with her.

He became sick – diagnosed with a disease and suffered greatly. His strength, determination, and willpower to overcome is something I will never forget. His doctor would always say, “He’s a fighter!”

This disease would eventually take his life so young and with so much left to give. Some of his new friends at the nursing home where he was living used words like “caring,” “thoughtful,” “kind,” “big heart,” and “respectful” to describe him.

As this group was sharing stories and reminiscing one day, an elderly lady grabbed my hand and whispered in my ear, “He was a great young man, and you should be proud that he was your son.”

He strongly believed in helping others. I wish I would have taken the time to tell him that he was my Hero. I try to live my life the way he did every day.

My Hero is my son Ryan Duke Anthe.



Kix’s Response:

Ron, that is a beautiful tribute to your son Ryan. He sounds like he was a great young man. We are sorry for your loss, but it sounds like he left a great legacy behind.

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