Hero of the Week: Danielle MacDuff

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In Ontario, Canada, Danielle MacDuff spotted 60-year-old Brian Bannister in her town of Newcastle. He was panhandling for change, and she decided to strike up a conversation. The two would talk for 25 minutes, and Danielle, who had a farm, offered Brian a job.

At the time, Brian lived in a shed and had all but given up on himself. Over the course of his life, he’d suffered a lot of loss – his first wife died in a car accident and his second wife passed away while battling cancer. Brian also overcame addiction and with all the hard times he had faced, he felt that his life was over… that is until Danielle came into his life.

Today, Brian works at her farm helping care for her 200 farm animals. He cleans the stalls and feeds the animals. Danielle says he’s been great with her kids and the rest of her family. Currently, Brian lives in a hotel room, so Danielle picks him up for work and takes him back to the room when the workday is over. She’s gotten him some financial aid and is searching for a permanent home for Brian that would be closer to the farm.

Brian says he is so appreciative of her kindness, but it’s Danielle who says Brian has had such a positive impact on her life and work. She can’t thank him enough for all that he does.

Learn more in this story from CTV News.

Kix’s Response:

The golden rule has a lot of power when we really take it to heart, doesn’t it? I’m happy to recognize Danielle MacDuff from Ontario, Canada, as our ACC Hero of the Week.

Extending kindness to a stranger isn’t easy in this day and age but good things can clearly come from doing it.

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