Hero of the Week: Tom Walsh

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There is a popular restaurant in Baltimore, near the Inner Harbor, named Phillips Seafood. Last month, the sous chef Tom Walsh, while leaving the restaurant, noticed a commotion outside. Apparently, a car had plunged right into the harbor. As the car started to sink into the frigid water, he dove in.

Tom used his elbow to break the car’s window and was able to pull the older gentleman from behind the wheel and out of the car to safety. By then, the EMT and police were on the scene.

The crowd and restaurant staff are calling Tom a hero. He was taken to the hospital for injuries to his elbow and released. Both Tom and the driver are now doing okay.

Learn more in this story from The Baltimore Banner.

Kix’s Response:

I hear that Tom is a private guy who doesn’t want all the accolades, but, man, you are a hero, especially to that gentleman and his family.

Right place, right time, and right man! Tom, you are our ACC Hero of the Week!

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