The Song Remembers When: Chris Young and Mitchell Tenpenny – “At The End Of A Bar”

We take you behind the scenes and explore the making of one of our favorite tunes with The Song Remembers When…

Song: “At The End Of A Bar”
Songwriters: Chris Young, Mitchell Tenpenny, Chris DeStefano
Album: Famous Friends

Last summer, Chris Young and Mitchell Tenpenny rose to the top of the Countdown with a song they co-wrote. “At the End Of A Bar” became Chris’ s 11th trip to the top and Mitchell’s first.

The idea for the song came to them at a songwriting session with Chris DeStefano. They were telling him how they had just met up for a few cold ones at a bar in Nashville, where they were just sitting at the end of the bar.

Chris Young says he’s pretty good at picking things out that people say and remembering them for a song title or lyric. But, this time it was Mitchell who said, “That’s what we need to write!” Everything happens at the end of a bar!”

The writing session almost didn’t happen. The day they were scheduled to meet, Nashville was hit with a bad ice storm and people were told to stay home. Chris said he almost thought about cancelling but decided he needed to go, afraid he might miss out on writing a hit. It looks like he was right… not only was it a hit, but it earned both Chris and Mitchell a nomination for Music Event of the Year at the ACM Awards! Find out if it takes home the trophy when the 58th Academy of Country Music Awards stream live on Thursday, May 11th.

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