Hero of the Week: Heather Leonard

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This week, we honor Heather Leonard, a middle school teacher from Manchester, Connecticut. Heather was driving down the interstate when she spotted a van on the side of the road on fire. She immediately pulled over and saw a man inside.

The man is named John. He has mobility challenges and uses a wheelchair to get around. Quickly, Heather reacted by getting John out of the van and onto his wheelchair. She pushed him away from the burning vehicle. Before the fire had started, John saw flames start to come up in the van while driving. So, he pulled over immediately.

The local fire department showed up. They said that they could have easily been looking at a fatality had Heather not stopped and acted as quickly as she did. It was determined that the van’s fuel tank ruptured causing a fuel fire.

Learn more about this story as covered by the Hartford Courant.

Kix’s Response:

Wow… Talk about right place and right person for sure! We’re happy to recognize Heather Leonard as our ACC Hero!

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