Heroes of the Week: Cody Dorman and Cody’s Wish

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This week, we shine the spotlight on a bond between a boy and a horse.

Cody Dorman, from Kentucky, was born with a rare genetic disorder that left him unable to walk or communicate without a computer tablet. When Cody was a young boy, he was granted a wish by the Make-A-Wish Foundation – he wanted to meet a racehorse. So, he was invited to nearby Gainsborough Farms.

Of the 40 foals at the farm, only one walked up to Cody. The foal put his head in his lap. He was not bothered by the wheelchair, showed no agitation, and walked up to Cody all on his own. From that day, Cody’s parents said something changed in him. He was upbeat and more optimistic than he’d ever been.

Two years passed before the family visited the horse again. The owners revealed that they named the horse Cody’s Wish. The family told Cody that the horse might not remember him, but Cody’s Wish did! He walked right up to Cody like he had done two years earlier and nudged his head up against the boy as if to say hello.

In the fall of last year, at the Breeders Cup, with Cody and his family in attendance, they watched Cody’s Wish race to victory. And, last Saturday, Cody and his family headed to the Churchill Downs on the day of the Kentucky Derby to witness Cody’s Wish win the Churchill Downs Stakes, the tenth race of the day. This marked the fifth consecutive victory for Cody’s Wish!

Cody, who wasn’t expected to live past two-years-old, is now 17. He says, like him, Cody’s Wish has a strong will to win.

Kix’s Response:

I am happy to call Cody’s Wish and Cody Dorman our ACC Heroes for the inspiration they provide and for having the spirit of champions!

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