The Song Remembers When: Kenny Chesney – “Bar At The End Of The World”

We take you behind the scenes and explore the making of one of our favorite tunes with The Song Remembers When…

Song: “Bar At The End Of The World”
Songwriters: J.T. Harding, Amiee Mayo, and David Lee Murphy
Album: Cosmic Hallelujah

Kenny Chesney reached the Top 10 in May 2017 with “Bar At The End Of The World,” the third single from Kenny’s Cosmic Hallelujah album. It spoke to that desire we all have at one time or another, escaping politics or a job and finding a bar as far away as possible.

The song was written by a frequent Chesney songwriter David Lee Murphy, along with Aimee Mayo and J.T. Harding. The idea for the song came to J.T. after he visited a friend in the Virgin Islands. He added that the only way you could get to a bar was by boat. When he returned to the States, he visited a bar in Boston and saw a sign that read “Tavern At The End Of The World” and that lead to the title.

“Bar At The End Of The World” has been called “quintessential Kenny Chesney,” as it sings about escaping from our everyday realities.

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