Heroes of the Week: Angie and Steve Mills

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In London, twins Angie and Steve Mills saved the life of a man who was in cardiac arrest. Their own father passed away 21 years ago due to a heart attack. In fact, the day they rescued this man occurred one day after the anniversary of their father’s passing.

This was the first time the twins had worked together. Steve, an EMT, and Angie, an Emergency Call Handler, arrived on the scene of a man who was in cardiac arrest. Prior to this day, Angie had only instructed CPR over the phone to others. This time around, she was the one having to do chest compressions while Steve gave him oxygen. Thankfully, the man, who was unconscious, came to.

Angie said that afterwards she thought about how she’d just saved a life and contemplated their own father’s passing from the same issue when they were just children. She realized, after saving the man’s life, that life is precious, and you shouldn’t take any of it for granted.

For more, check out this story as covered by the BBC.

Kix’s Response:

That is so true, huh? I’m sure their father would be proud of the people they’ve become! We can’t thank our first responders enough for the work they do!

I’m happy to recognize twins Angie and Steve Mills, from London, as our ACC Heroes.

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