Hero of the Week: Ben Watts

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Our hearts go out to the people of Lahaina, Hawaii, where the recent fires took so many lives and their historic city.

Lucille “Cille” MacDonald, a 98-year-old who served in World War II, would’ve perished in the fire had it not been for her neighbor Ben Watts. Ben was able to get Cille out of her house with the clothes on her back just as her home was engulfed in flames. They drove to a fire rescue area just about eight miles from Lahaina.

Cille has lived an incredible life. When Pearl Harbor was bombed, some 82 years ago, she was ready to fight. She did what millions of other women did at that time, worked in the shipyards and factories to fill the gaps left by the men who headed to war. Those women were referred to as “Rosie the Riveter.” Cille is proud to be a “Rosie.” She has lived in Maui since 1974 and is considered by many as their unofficial mayor for all that she does for the community.

Learn more about this story from The Messenger.

Kix’s Response:

I know there are a lot of heroes in Maui right now helping, but, this week, I’d like to recognize Ben Watts as our ACC Hero for saving Lucille from those fires.

Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone in Lahaina.

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