Hero of the Week: Stacy Caldwell

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We all know our teachers are everyday heroes and many go above and beyond. Stacy Caldwell is an elementary school music teacher in McKinney, Texas. She noticed that one of her students had a real talent after witnessing him playing drums on a bucket.

After talking with the student, Stacy found out that he was self-taught. He even had a drum set at one time, but it was destroyed in a house fire. Banging on a few buckets was all he had. So, Stacy rallied some friends and got together enough money to buy a drum set.

When the student showed up to her classroom, she revealed the new drum set which caused that young man to tear up… He grabbed some sticks and showed off his skills. Ms. Caldwell will be sending him home with the new set along with a drum pad and some music books.

Watch this moment on Instagram and learn more about this story from FOX 4 News in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Suzanne’s Response:

Teachers are heroes. They help the future of this country by all that they do today, and, in this case. Stacy Caldwell Is influencing and possibly even altering the path for this young man. We’ll look out for him onstage in the future!

Ms. Caldwell, you are this week’s ACC Hero!

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