Hero of the Week: Jessica Bauer

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Jessica Bauer was at home in Michigan when she heard her neighbor screaming, “He’s in the water!” Jessica ran outside where she saw a four-year-old boy in the lake. The boy, who has autism, lives next door to her and was being watched that day by his grandmother.

Jessica tossed her phone to the ground and jumped into the water to save the little boy. She professed to not being the best swimmer but felt fear overcome her as she saw this little boy in trouble. Her instincts just kicked in and she was able to pull him to safety.

The young boy’s mother says Jessica is her hero. As for Jessica, she was overcome with emotion after the incident, saying she couldn’t believe what just happened.

Learn more about this story as covered by Inside Edition.

Kix’s Response:

We’re happy to honor Jessica Bauer of Michigan as our ACC Hero.

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