Hero of the Week: Gesman Tamang

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We’ve all seen a movie or two about climbers who take on Mount Everest. There’s a romantic allure about the trek, but it’s one of the most dangerous journeys and often deadly.

Sherpas, the indigenous people of the Himalayas, can handle the mountain and the altitudes like nobody else. But, recently, a sherpa got into trouble. He was at 20,000 feet between Camp 1 and 2 when he fell 200 feet into a crevasse! Some of his fellow comrades heard about the fall and quickly located their friend.

Gesman Tamang made his way down into the area where his friend fell. Gesman started digging out the snow which had prevented his friend from falling any further. The others who were there dropped climbing gear down to help pull him up. The man was finally pulled to safety.

Gesman was surprised his friend survived the fall and credits his strength and bravery for his survival.

Learn more about this story – and see the rescue video – as featured by New Delhi, India’s The Hindustan Times.

Kix’s Response:

So, to Gesman Tamang, who took a risk to save another, you are our ACC Hero!

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