Heroes of the Week: Buddy and Hartley

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In Michigan, a two-year-old girl named Thea was outside with her two dogs, Buddy, the Rottweiler, and Hartley, the springer spaniel. She was watching her uncle power wash the outside of the house, but when he noticed little Thea had no shoes on, he told her to go inside and put some on.

Thea’s uncle assumed she did that, but when her mom Brooke came out of the house to check on her, Thea was nowhere to be found. The family started yelling for her. They noticed that the two dogs were gone, too. So, they began yelling for the dogs as well and ran through the wooded area near their home searching for Thea and the dogs. After 30 minutes, they called local police who put together a search grid to quickly try and locate the little girl. It was 7:30 at night when she wandered off, so they were in a rush to find her.

Thea was missing for five hours when an ATV rider discovered her about three miles from her home, sound asleep on her dog Hartley, while Buddy stood watch. In fact, it was Buddy, the Rottweiler, that caught the ATV rider’s eye because of his size. When the rider went to wake Thea up, Hartley gave a growl to not touch her. The ATV rider called the rescue team and told them that he’d found her, and she was okay.

Thea’s mom, Brooke, said she is happy to have her daughter back safe and sound. She said those dogs have been by her side since Thea was born and she’s glad they kept her safe. Despite Thea having no shoes and walking three miles, she didn’t have a scratch on her!

Learn more about this story as featured by Michigan’s WLUC-TV6.

Kix’s Response:

Wow… Of course, the rescue team and the Michigan State Police get a shout out as heroes in this story, but how about those dogs – Buddy and Hartley – for never leaving Thea’s side!

We salute these two canines as our ACC Heroes of the Week!

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