Heroes of the Week: Detective Daniel Rose and Officer David Chapman

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The men and women in blue are everyday heroes, but police officers encounter more than just crimes. In Warren, Michigan, officers responded to a call in which an eight-year-old boy had been electrocuted by a downed power line. When they arrived on the scene, the area was already taped off, and they saw the boy lying in the street. Then, one officer yelled, “He’s alive!”

The young boy was still holding onto that wire. At that point, the officers made a decision. Both Detective Daniel Rose and Officer David Chapman grabbed the boy away from the wire, withstanding the electricity from that power line. They took on 4800 volts as they pulled him to safety. They put him in their car and raced him to the ER.

The boy, named Blake, was resuscitated. Although he suffered severe burns on his hands and head, he, thankfully, will be okay. And, those officers? Well, they recently received the Valor Award for their bravery, a recognition that was well deserved.

Learn more about this story as featured by Michigan’s FOX2 Detroit.

Kix’s Response:

We’re happy that they happened to be at the right place at the right time to respond to that call and save that little boy. We here at ACC recognize both Detective Rose and Officer Chapman as our Heroes of the Week!

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