Hero of the Week: Captain Joshua Haveman

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In Yosemite National Park, a climber found himself in a precarious situation. But, luckily, an off-duty Air Force Captain was hiking nearby.

Captain Joshua Haveman was in the park’s famous “Half Dome” area when he saw a fellow hiker slip and fall 80 feet down onto a ledge. According to Captain Haveman, that part of the hike is a series of cables embedded into the rock. If a climber doesn’t have a harness, rope, and carabiners to secure themselves, they have to hold on to the cables.

The weather that day wasn’t the best – it was wet and windy – but Captain Haveman made his way outside the cable barriers to start the descent towards the fallen hiker. When he got to him, he could see the hiker’s legs were broken, so he gathered sticks to create a make-shift splint while radioing for help. He also had his first aid kit on him and was able to wrap the hiker’s injured ankle.

As the weather improved, other climbers offered help and were able to lower the hiker another 30 feet to the “Sub Dome.” It took about 45 minutes before rescuers showed up and landed a helicopter to fly the hiker to the hospital.

Learn more about this story as featured in The Guardian.

Kix’s Response:

It’s safe to say without Captain Haveman, this story could’ve turned out to be an even worse situation. So, we not only thank Captain Joshua Haveman with the Travis Airforce Base for his service but for his bravery and quick action in saving the hiker that day in Yosemite. You are our ACC Hero!

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