Hero of the Week: Axel

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Dogs have been known to detect strokes in people. Using their nose, they can sense changes in a person, including blood pressure.

In Spring, Texas, Axel, a border collie, sensed something was wrong with 17-year-old Gabriel. It was six in the morning, and Axel ran upstairs to wake Gabriel’s parents. They knew something was up because the dog never wanted to go out that early.

They got up and followed Axel to Gabriel’s room where he started pawing at the door. They found Gabriel awake but struggling to speak because he was having a stroke. They rushed him to the hospital where he was treated.

The doctors revealed that a broken blood vessel in Gabriel’s brain caused loss of oxygen. Had Axel not gotten Gabriel the help he needed; things could have been bad. Doctors say he could’ve been paralyzed or worse. Today, Gabriel has made a full recovery and is back playing soccer.

Learn more about this story as featured by NBC’s Today.

Kix’s Response:

Well, there you go… Axel, the border collie, in Spring, Texas, you are our ACC Hero of the Week!

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