Hero of the Week: Luke Mortimer

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Ten-year-old Luke Mortimer contracted severe bacterial infections at the age of seven. He survived but lost all his limbs to the infections. Because he received help from so many during his recovery, Luke wanted to do something for other disabled kids, so the young boy has plans to climb a 656-foot mountain to raise money. The mountain is just outside Luke’s home in North Yorkshire, England.

Luke’s father, Adam, said the climb will be challenging but his son is insisting on doing it alone with shortened knee length prosthetics called stubbies. He said the climb will take as long as it takes and is not putting any pressure on his son.

Find out if Luke completed his quest in this story from The Yorkshire Post.

Kix’s Response:

How about that? Luke has faced so much adversity, but he is willing to take on such a challenge to pay it forward – that is a hero and a very brave one at that!

Luke Mortimer, from North Yorkshire, England, you are our ACC Hero. Good luck to you!

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