Hero of the Week: Majiah Washington

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Much of the country has been battling cold temperatures and crippling snow and those elements can turn everyday situations into dangerous circumstances.

In Oregon, a power line, hit by a large tree branch covered in ice, fell on top of one family’s car. From her window, their neighbor 18-year-old Majiah Washington watched them try to get out of the car to walk up the icy hill to their home. The father grabbed his nine-month-old out of the car seat and attempted to get up the hill only to fall back. As he slid down, his foot touched the downed power line and Majiah said she saw a flame and smoke. After seeing that, she called 911. The mother started to scream and went to grab the baby, but she also fell and was electrocuted. Then, the mother’s brother ran to help, and he was shocked as well.

Majiah ran outside, thinking they all had been killed. But then, she saw the baby’s head move. So, she carefully crouched down, very slowly. She bravely touched the father of the baby and didn’t feel a shock, so she reached for the baby and was able to grab him and get him to safety.

In her community, Majiah is being hailed as a hero because she risked her own life to save the infant.

Learn more about this story as covered by Portland’s local TV station KGW.

Kix’s Response:

Portland Fire and Rescue celebrated Majiah for her bravery that day. That little boy is alive because of her efforts.

Wow! What a story… Majiah Washington, in Portland, you are this week’s ACC Hero.

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