Hero of the Week: Deputy Jason Ivey

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This week’s Hero story comes from one of our own ACC’s Nikita Palmer. This incident took place at Nikita’s old elementary school, South Marshall Elementary, in Marshall County, Kentucky, just two weeks ago.

A car in the school’s drop-off line caught fire. As the vehicle came through the line, the school’s resources officer Deputy Jason Ivey noticed smoke. It pulled into the drop-off area and that’s when flames started to flare up from the engine. He ran to the burning car and pulled the driver and the kids out.

As the flames grew, Deputy Ivey knew he had to get it away from the school building. So, he hopped in the driver’s seat and tried to start the car, but it wouldn’t crank. Luckily, he was able to put it in neutral and turn the wheels just enough to push it across the drive onto the grass where it continued to burn.

The school’s principal said that she is so thankful he was there, stressing the importance of schools having resource officers. She called Deputy Ivey their hero!

Learn more about this story as posted by Marshall County Schools on Facebook.

Kix’s Response:

Well, I’m onboard with that and couldn’t agree more!!! Quick thinking and taking action to save others by jumping into a burning car which could blow up at any time? That’s definitely hero material!

Deputy Jason Ivey of Marshall County, Kentucky – you are ACC’s Hero of the Week!

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