Remembering Toby Keith

Our hearts are with Toby Keith’s family, friends, and his many fans. Thank you for the music and the memories. Read more about Toby’s life and legacy via Billboard.

Kix Brooks shares his thoughts on his friend Toby:

“Waking up to losing Toby wakes up a lot of memories and realities – I remember the first time we actually met and talked – he was wearing a blue leather suit – we all wore horrible clothes back then – we got along from the beginning – he called “a spade a spade” plain and simple – always – we asked him to come on tour with us somewhere in the late ‘90s, along with Keith Urban, and I’ll never forget after our first show together, he said “We’ve got to find a place to play” …after that we would go find a house band after every show and burn ‘til the flame was gone – he was a relentless participant in every aspect of his life – performing, writing, golf, hanging with his friends, along with his dedication to the military and the Red White and Blue. But he always put his loyalty and love of God and family first – He was one of those guys I just assumed would always be there – HOF Cowboy Heart – RIP Big Man.”

We take a look back at the last time Toby stopped by our old studio location in this 2019 episode of Kix TV. To watch their 2013 interview, visit our Kix Brooks Radio YouTube channel.

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