Heroes of the Week: Kate and Anonymous Woman

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Kate from Maitland, Australia, which is North of Sydney, posted a letter of kindness online. She works for an organization that provides emergency relief for people in crisis. One day, Kate was assigned the job of replenishing the organization’s pantry, so she went grocery shopping.

When Kate arrived at the checkout, she noticed a woman behind her with just a few items, so she let her go ahead. The woman noticed Kate’s items and asked if she was buying food for a church kitchen. Kate explained that it was for an emergency relief pantry. When the groceries were checked through, the clerk said that the woman ahead of Kate had left 50 dollars toward the bill to contribute to the relief program.

Kate was overwhelmed by the generosity of the woman and wanted to thank her, but by the time she got out to the parking lot, the woman was gone.

Kix’s Response:

What an incredible gesture to do something like that and not want any recognition. It’s nice to know there are people out there doing good things, isn’t it? The move to let that woman go ahead of Kate in line led to that kindness.

Kate, thank you for taking on the volunteer work to help those in your community. And, to the lady who made that contribution? You both are ACC Heroes this week! What a feel-good story!

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