Hero of the Week: Clair Harris

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Clair Harris, a mother of three who lives in Tasmania, Australia, noticed a need and did something about it. As she took her own children to school, she noticed kids who didn’t have a jacket or lacked items they required for the school day.

After failing to find a group to help fulfill that need, Clair started her own to help clothe babies and children. Through Tassie Mums, she works with over 80 organizations to collect items, anything from pajamas to a crib for a baby. During the first year, she helped over 40 kids.

Today, Clair has helped over two thousand children. For her, it’s as simple as being a voice for these kids who are the future of this world.

For more on Clair and Tassie Mums, check out this story from the Australian of the Year Awards.

Kix’s Response:

It doesn’t take a lot to be a hero for something… just simply helping get folks the things they need can be enough. So, to Clair Harris, out of Australia, you are our ACC Hero of the Week!

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