Heroes of the Week: Firefighter Bryce Carden and the Louisville Fire Department

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In Louisville, Kentucky, a semi-truck crashed on the Clark Memorial Bridge. The truck was dangling over 100 feet above the water. The body of the truck was wedged between the bridge’s stanchions, while the cab of the semi dangled over the water. Still inside the cab was the driver, a woman, seat-belted in and praying for help.

The Louisville Fire Department arrived within minutes and put their training into action. Firefighter Bryce Carden was lowered by harness over the bridge to reach the driver in the cab. He was able to get into the truck and attach her to his harness so that he could lift her out where they could both be pulled to safety. The type of rescue they did is known as a pickoff and it’s something the fire department covers in their training. The entire operation took about 40 minutes.

Learn more about this story as covered by Louisville’s WHAS11.

Kix’s Response:

To Bryce Carden and the rest of the Louisville Fire Department, we are happy to recognize you for your bravery. You are our ACC Heroes of the Week!

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