The Song Remembers When: Dan + Shay – “I Should Probably Go To Bed”

We take you behind the scenes and explore the making of one of our favorite tunes with The Song Remembers When…

Song: “I Should Probably Go To Bed”
Songwriters: Dan Smyers, Shay Mooney, Sean Douglas, and Jason Evigan
Album: Good Things

In 2020, Dan + Shay released “I Should Probably Go To Bed.” Dan Smyers had the idea in his phone for months. He felt that it is the classic tale of temptation, something pulling you and making you defenseless, and a reminder that nothing good ever happens after midnight. For a guy who’s married, Dan and his fellow co-writers drew on several other people’s stories to write this song.

During the pandemic, Dan recorded, produced, and arranged the song at his home studio.  He played every instrument on the track – piano, bass, acoustic guitar, drums, synth, and strings. But, according to Dan, the icing on the cake was Shay Mooney’s vocals which are some of the best.

The duo would release “I Should Probably Go To Bed” in the summer of 2020. By January, the song would reach just shy of number one.

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