Hero of the Week: Isaiah Hofer

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In Manitoba, Canada, a potato farmer had an answer to the area’s food insecurity problems.

Isaiah Hofer had a bumper crop last year, the biggest they’ve seen in the area in the last 40 years. It was so big that he had 100 thousand bags of surplus potatoes! Each bag was 100 pounds. Typically, a farmer with that kind of surplus can offset by selling their product to other farms that have fallen short, but everyone had a surplus that season.

Initially, Isaiah thought he could throw them into the field and let them fertilize the ground for the next season’s planting, but when he heard of The FarmLink Project, it got him thinking of a different route. The Potato Producers Association had teamed up with the U.S.-based non-profit. The organization was founded in 2020, during the pandemic, to help those facing food insecurity. They rescued food that would normally be tossed away.

After learning about The FarmLink Project, Isaiah knew exactly what to do with those 100 thousand bags of potatoes, but the logistics of moving them and getting them to where they were needed would be no easy feat. So, Isaiah worked with the non-profit and other volunteers to make it happen. With the help of 115 trucks, all the potatoes were claimed a week later!

Learn more about this story as covered by the Canadian Broadcast Corporation.

Kix’s Response:

Wow! Farming is a tough job and to see these producers going the distance to feed those in need says a lot about the care they have in feeding the world.

So, to Isaiah Hofer of Manitoba, I am happy to call you our ACC Hero!

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